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The search

We’re constantly on the lookout for new apps that can help us run our organisation. We know what it’s like when looking at new software. You need something that’s easy to setup and use, but that will also provide the flexibility to grow with your organisation. Finding the right one can be a real challenge.

Realising the value of a good volunteer management solution and investing in your volunteer experience is the first step in the right direction. If you do it right, it will help ease the role of management and strengthen volunteer relationships.



Volunteer Management Software

A good place to start is to discover what the software can do for you. Establishing if you need it to accommodate a sign-up process, data collection, event creation, recording and reporting and communication are all important elements to consider.

Volunteer management software essentially acts as a centralised database that stores all the information you need. With this data, a good volunteer management solution will include a whole host of features that will help you recruit volunteers, schedule events, improve communication and provide analytics and insights into your organisation.

Assemble acts as an all-encompassing solution - taking it one step further than a standard solution, we invested heavily in the importance of security & compliance, the recruitment process and features that aim to engage and nurture volunteer relationships. There’s no need to be constantly switching between other applications, everything you need lives in a single location.



A different approach

For years, the sector has been served with ineffective solutions. With changing trends and privacy regulations like the introduction of GDPR, applications used previously may no longer be the answer to your needs. As you scale, you’ll need a solution that grows with you.

When spreadsheets, CRM and HR software isn't enough, organisations will need to look elsewhere. Any organisation without a volunteer management solution will struggle with data spread across different silos, inefficient communication, poor document management, lack of insights and out of date contact details with no real overview of their volunteers.

To get the most out of the software, you’ll need a comprehensive solution with minimal learning curve, allowing you to seamlessly onboard new users. Replace tired, ugly and inefficient software with a carefully considered and designed interface people enjoy using and find easy to navigate. It’s only when you see the true power of a product like Assemble can you see the opportunities for effective volunteer management.



How Assemble works

Assemble is a new, easy to use, cloud-based platform that’s built specifically for volunteer management. It provides powerful and flexible tools to manage every aspect of the volunteer journey, from recruitment and compliance to communication, engagement and retention.

We aim to break down barriers and simplify the way you work. A smart and highly interactive environment that improves internal processes, enabling organisations to be more reliable and scalable.

With a host of powerful features integral to volunteer management, Assemble is also built with flexibility in mind. We understand not every organisation is alike. Designed so it’s easy to configure - whether you need simple or complex workflows, custom fields or branding, API integrations or open access - everything is possible.

See for yourself

If you’re a smaller organisation looking to get started, check out our Starter plan. It gives you access to enough of our features to give you a greater understanding of how Assemble works. See the value of Assemble and discover if it’s the right solution for you.


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Built for all types of teams and organisations. Not-for-profit or festival? See how Assemble can help you.

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Still tied up with spreadsheets? See how Assemble is built with both management and volunteers in mind.

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Extend your presence and empower your volunteers anytime, anywhere. Our Mobile App keeps everyone connected.

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