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Volunteers are crucial to the NHS’s plan for the future of health care, as supporters of skilled staff, not as substitutes for them.

“Having immediate access to volunteer profiles along with skills, locations and availability makes mobilising teams far more efficient.”

  • Lauren Rainer

    Volunteer Services Manager

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Volunteers are invaluable to Scottish SPCA. They help the mission to build a better world for Scotland’s animals.

“We want to do all we can to support and prioritise volunteers. Improving the experience and rewarding and recognising contributions will inevitably lead to greater satisfaction and retention”.

  • Lesley Toles

    Volunteering Development Coordinator

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Part 2

Following the successful rollout of Assemble for its retail directorate, the volunteer management software was implemented for Barnardo’s Children’s Services.

“It has been a pleasure to see how Children’s Services and volunteer managers have taken to Assemble. There has been a huge change in culture and as a result we’ve seen an increase in engagement from volunteers.”

  • Ben Hughes

    Project Manager

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Part 1

It was important for Barnardo’s to accurately measure the viability of its retail stores and ascertain the true impact of volunteer contributions.

“The data we now gather on a regular basis is integral to support central and retail teams in important strategic decisions as well as keeping day-to-day operations moving forward smoothly”.

  • Ben Hughes

    Project Manager

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Made up of a network of branches and centres across the UK, the RSPCA wanted to centralise their volunteering.

“Since launching Assemble, we have moved volunteering in the RSPCA out of the dark ages and into a modern and bright future”.

  • John Wilkins

    Head of Volunteering & Apprenticeships

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Juggling between applications was no longer the answer – Save the Children wanted to embrace an all-encompassing solution.

“With access to a single, connected view of volunteers we can begin to develop strategies for more targeted campaigns and effective management.”

  • Rachel Bayley

    Head of Volunteering

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Customer love


No ask is too big, or small... They were knowledgeable, responsive and flexible to help us meet our evolving (and sometimes undefined) needs.”

Rebecca Burgess – IS Project Manager


"Assemble is enabling the RSPCA to coordinate a national team of wildlife casualty volunteers, freeing up valuable time for our RSPCA Inspectors. WCVs are tasked via the Assemble App and update our National Control Centre on their progress via a couple of clicks on their phone.”

Brian Reeves – Volunteering Development Manager


For the organisation, all of the risk, data security and management concerns are completely covered. Measuring volunteer impact, linking with KPIs, makes sure volunteering is integrated with the objectives and properly celebrated.”

Wendy Halley – Project Manager


“We were tired of using ugly, clumsy software. Assemble has powerful tools wrapped up in an interface we actually like to use.”

Deborah Forster – Volunteering Recruitment Manager


“You grow with Assemble - features you didn’t know would be useful are ready when you are. Assemble has hugely simplified and streamlined managing our volunteer team at our many concerts and events.”

Steve Hasler – Front of House Manager


"I'm now implementing Assemble in my second charity, so clearly I like it. Having been in volunteering development for many years, the few options for volunteer management software was a major constraint - along with the lack of understanding within charities that volunteers can't be squished into CRM or HR software. With Assemble, the volunteers' and volunteer managers' needs are really understood and answered.”



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“We’ve developed a tried and proven approach for delivering successful project rollouts for clients including the Metropolitan Police to The RSPCA. Regardless of where you are in the journey or the complexity of your operations, Assemble can figure out the right path for you.”

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