A tailored solution for small volunteering teams

Effortlessly attract and manage your volunteers with an affordable, flexible solution

Introducing the new Assemble Starter package. Experience our market-leading volunteer management software for teams of up to 250 volunteers, for only £75 per month.

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What’s different about the Assemble Starter package?

Our Assemble Starter package is a dedicated offering tailored for organisations with less than 250 volunteers. Our package is unique in that it includes features and functionality specifically for the needs of smaller volunteer teams, along with a monthly subscription in case your requirements change.

The best bit? You can be up and running with Assemble in no time at all, thanks to our unique onboarding journey. You’ll be supported every step of the way with a combination of self-service learning and access to a friendly onboarding team to help you hit your key milestones towards getting your system live.

With Assemble, you can effortlessly recruit, engage and retain volunteers, while maintaining complete visibility and control over their journey. Benefit from our affordable solution, guaranteeing efficiency and flexibility – with the confidence that your data is secure, and you are meeting GDPR compliant requirements.

Experience the benefits outlined below:

Streamline volunteer recruitment

Kick off your volunteer recruitment campaign and immediately grow your team. Attract volunteers to your roles with eye-catching opportunity adverts and guide prospective volunteers through a quick, engaging and compliant applicant journey.

Once an application has been submitted via your new recruitment page, our applicant portal will then provide a clear picture to both the applicant and their volunteer manager of where they are in the process and what information is required.

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Meaningful volunteer engagement

Empower volunteers with intuitive software that enables you to stay connected. Assemble offers a holistic and inclusive experience that reflects your organisation, available anytime, anywhere with a dedicated volunteer mobile app.

Our software encourages volunteers to engage with their chosen organisation. As well as communicating with their teams, volunteers can swiftly find the information they require and discover new opportunities, events, documents and news.

Where your volunteers have gone above and beyond, why not tell them? With Assemble, you can award recognition and present certificates to acknowledge their milestones and reinforce their importance to your organisation.

Secure and compliant data management

Protecting your data is a priority and we take a robust and comprehensive approach to our security practices. We currently comply with a range of requirements, policies and controls, to ensure we have rigorous measures in place to protect users’ data and specific functionality to support GDPR. Read the Trust Guide.

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Improve efficiencies and boost productivity

Support and enhance every step of the volunteer journey with Assemble. Save time by standardising admin-heavy tasks with automated workflows for a more efficient and accountable way of working.

Make use of intuitive features and functionality that bring process and consistency to your organsiation. With Assemble’s intuitive recruitment feature, you’ll benefit from a step-by-step experience that does the hard work for you. Streamline the process by systematically and compliantly guiding applicants along each stage of their recruitment journey, so nothing gets missed.

Measure your impact with easy to use and intuitive analytics

Use analytics to measure the success of your volunteer programme. Gain crucial insights that demonstrate the impact your volunteers are having with our powerful reporting dashboard.

With our volunteer report functionality, you can gain in-depth data on anything from the success of a recruitment campaign to reasons for leaving. Based on this information, you can make informed decisions to improve the processes surrounding the volunteer journey and overcome obstacles where they may arise.

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Experience our fast and easy onboarding journey

Regardless of whether you have previously set up a Volunteer Management Solution, or if this is your first implementation, we're here to ensure that you experience a quick and smooth onboarding process. With a unique combination of self-service learning and dedicated one-on-one time with our specialist onboarding team, we can have you fully set up and recruiting in less than a week.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers an outstanding customer experience. As an Assemble customer, you can be confident that we will take the time to understand your requirements from the outset and provide a transparent path throughout the onboarding process, guiding your every step of the way.

Empowering small volunteering teams with market-leading features

Applicant portal

Reduce drop-off rates and keep applicants updated as they progress through each stage of their application, while avoiding obstacles throughout the process.


Log important interactions with a volunteer such as calls, meetings or emails to provide the required information and context you need to nurture relationships.

Document Hub

A central location where volunteers can access important resources such as training videos, safeguarding information or welcome guides.

Recognition recording

Highlight and record achievements with virtual trophies, badges and certificates to show your appreciation to volunteers for their contributions.

Recruitment site

A top-level branded micro-site within your existing website that hosts all available volunteer opportunities and clearly outlines all the relevant information.

Messaging Centre

Internal two-way messaging between volunteers and their Volunteer Manager to enable auditable and compliant communications from the outset.

Manager dashboard

An insightful single dashboard that contains all the information managers require for their day-to-day management of volunteers.

Diversity recording

Collects optional diversity information during the application process to help understand the demographic of your volunteers and ensure you promote an inclusive environment.

Two-factor authentication

A six-digit security code that adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts when signing in or connecting a new device.

Mobile app

Give your volunteers access to the mobile app and enable them to pick up tasks, sign up for shifts and record activities while on-the-go.


“Enabling volunteers to have access to a swift and seamless recruitment process is a big consideration when removing the potential barriers to entry for volunteers. With Assemble we can easily create a volunteer opportunity with all the details in our own tone of voice and share a link straight to the role on our website, where you can apply right away.”

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Catherine Rose – Volunteering Manager Letchworth, Garden City Heritage Foundation
“Using the “events” feature has been great for both our staff and our volunteers. It gives volunteers the freedom and control to sign up for events/training when it's most convenient, whilst our staff can easily create and send invites, with the ability to connect an event to a specific training module. The automated email functionality also ensures volunteers are receiving regular reminders about forthcoming events.”
Kelly Marlow – Voluntary Services Manager, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
“Volunteers are an essential part of the services we provide to vulnerable and homeless people in the Bath area. Assemble has enabled us to streamline our application process and is a central place to keep our volunteer records securely up-to-date. It also provides a hub where we can share news, training opportunities and volunteer policy documents. It is now easier for volunteers to apply and for them to access the information that they need”
Steph Wynne-Davey – Operations Manager, The Genesis Trust
“Assemble has proved to be efficient and effective in relation to volunteer coordination and attracting volunteers from the wider world!  Having a streamlined centralised place whereby the journey of the volunteer is recorded, promotes good practice and this keeps everyone safe.”
Isobel Mdudu - Volunteer Services Manager, South London and Maudsley Trust

What does the Assemble Starter package cost?

At Assemble, we recognise that small volunteering teams can have a modest budget.

That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible for you to experience the great volunteer management software that you deserve by offering:

  • Full price breakdown from the outset
  • Affordable subscriptions created for small volunteering teams
  • 30-day rolling subscription after initial 3-month term with easy cancellation

The good news is Assemble Starter has one clear, affordable price of only £75 per month.

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