The power of Assemble
in your pocket

Volunteering doesn't stand still, so get Assemble on-the-go

The Mobile App

We play nice with any device. Extend your presence and empower your team and volunteers anytime, anywhere. Our free Mobile App for iPhone and Android keeps everyone connected.

Connect and Communicate

Stay in touch with volunteers with something that very rarely leaves their side. Volunteers can update their profile and edit contact information, skills/interests, personal details and more. Increase engagement and instantly communicate through relevant news articles and internal messaging.



Everything you need at a glance

Give your volunteers a way to help themselves. Volunteers can gain access to the hub and view files, images and documents. Search and view recent volunteering opportunities/events and look up location, time and directions.



Custom branding

Have your brand shine through in every interaction. Apply your organisation’s unique identity and volunteers will identify with your logo, your colours, your organisation. We will customise the look and feel, adhering to any brand guidelines, ensuring consistency across all devices.

Take the first step

The volunteer journey starts here. Ease the role
of management, strengthen volunteer relationships.

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