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First steps

We appreciate no two organisations are alike. While smaller organisations can get started straight away, we realise larger, complex organisations may need a helping hand. Those with large numbers of volunteers and datasets can rest easy, it’s what we do.

Regardless of where you are in the journey, or how quickly you’re ready to make changes, Assemble can figure out the right path for you. Our expertise in onboarding large organisations quickly and effectively, will make getting started easy.



Data migration

If you have a large number of volunteers, Assemble uses its data migration service to migrate your volunteers’ contact information and details. Moving data may seem arduous, the last thing you want is to lose any of your organisations vital historical data, so Assemble provides a quick and reliable tool to guide you, step by step, through the process.

Assemble will import data from a CSV file and extract exactly what you need, mapping it to our relevant fields. This solution is designed to avoid manual input or unnecessary, complicated delays in getting started.




The next step is to eliminate any obstacles for a smooth onboarding result. While Assemble is easy to use, it’s packed full of powerful features you may want a little help getting the most from. Lean on our experts for guides, webinars, events and custom training to suit your needs. We’ll quickly get you up to speed, acting as a natural extension of your team as you continue to grow. Discover how easy it was for Save the Children here >



No ask is too big, or small and no matter how many times I ask the same silly question they answer it with a straight face and like it’s the first time I’ve asked. They were knowledgeable, responsive and flexible to help us meet our evolving (and sometimes undefined) needs."

Rebecca Burgess - IS Project Manager at Blind Veterans UK



Looking forward

Now you’re up and running, It’s time to get the most from Assemble. There’s an endless number of features at your fingertips, start exploring now.



Use Cases

Built for all types of teams and organisations. Not-for-profit or festival? See how Assemble can help you.

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Assemble features

View the Product Tour. Find out about recruiting, reporting, scheduling, engagement and much more.

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Ideal for organisations that are large or complex. Enterprise gives you greater control, support and flexibility.

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The volunteer journey starts here. Ease the role of management, strengthen volunteer relationships.

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