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Volunteer recruitment guide

Learn how to future-proof your volunteer recruitment from developing an initial strategy to refining your practices to attract volunteers over the long term.

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The ultimate guide to recruitment for small volunteer teams

Whether your charity operates with a core team of full-time staff or relies predominantly on volunteers, recruitment challenges can impact the success of your organisation and the sector as a whole.

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How implementing volunteer management software can enhance volunteer recruitment processes

Rachel Stewart, Head of Volunteering at Dorothy House Hospice, shares her experiences surrounding the impact that volunteer management software (VMS) can have on volunteer recruitment processes for hospices.

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The Digital Difference: How technology can enhance volunteer management

This guide will take you through some of the practical steps you can take to manage volunteers efficiently and effectively. With insights from across the charities sector, we’ll explain how organisations can create a ‘digital difference’ by using technology to reduce arduous admin for both staff and volunteers, and deliver positive experience and outcomes.

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The ultimate guide to managing smaller voluntary teams

Gain a better understanding of your volunteer's motivations and expectations before managing your small volunteer team to create a rewarding and engaging volunteer experience.

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Volunteer management software guides

Volunteer management system (VMS) vs CRMs - do you need a VMS?

Discover how a VMS is a better option than a CRM when managing the entire volunteer journey and the benefits of integrating both systems.

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Volunteer management software cost

Discover how to choose a suitable VMS that suits your budget by gaining a clearer understanding of the elements that contribute towards cost.

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What is volunteer management software?

Understand everything you need to know about a VMS including its benefits, features, customers, and how the right software can be found.

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Webinar: How to prepare for a volunteer management system

Watch our detailed webinar to hear our top tips on how to successfully prepare for a volunteer management system.

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