Complete the volunteer journey with Assemble’s specialist software features

Comprehensive features that support best practice volunteer management and engagement, ensuring consistency throughout the volunteer journey.

Assemble supports organisations of all sizes to recruit volunteers, manage their day-to-day activities, and provide ongoing support and recognition within a single source of truth.

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Why choose Assemble?

Managing your volunteers and overseeing their development can be difficult when relying on processes that are paper-based, spreadsheet-reliant or across a number of platforms. And while moving away from your current approach may initially seem daunting, a digital volunteer management solution such as Assemble can make the volunteer journey clearer for both you and your volunteers.

While our software offers a customisable application process to fit each role, you can also ensure consistently safe onboarding, which you can evidence throughout the volunteer recruitment process.

Discover our features

Assemble’s broad range of features and customisation options makes it suitable for volunteer organisations of all sizes. Our software therefore consists of features that enable it to function at an optimum standard.

Volunteer Recruitment

Easily create professional looking adverts and advertise these opportunities on a designated recruitment page within 30 seconds.

Volunteer Management

Manage your volunteers effectively, while easily keeping full records up to date with integrated messaging

Volunteer Engagement

Coordinate regular volunteer meetings, while demonstrating volunteer reward and recognition initiatives.


Make the most of Assemble’s functionality by connecting the software with either out-the-box or API driven integrations.


Engage in comprehensive analytics regarding the impact of your volunteers and demographics surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Service Support

Regardless of your organisation’s size and the features you require, our experts will guide you through the onboarding process.

Rota Management

Easily manage rotas with occasional or regular shift bookings.

Task Management

Collaborate with your volunteers to set agreed tasks and gain valuable feedback during the process.

Event Management

Track and manage your volunteer events, whether online or in person.


Mobile App

Extend your presence and empower your team and volunteers anytime, anywhere. Our free Mobile App for iPhone and Android keeps everyone connected.

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“One of the things that's made a real big difference to us is our news feature, highlighting things that are important. Giving volunteers a place where they seek out different opportunities, different ways to get involved, share their experience of living with diabetes. People have been really responsive to that. Assemble has really opened a lot of doors for us in terms of thinking about how we bring more people into the charity. We wouldn't have had the coordination or the ability to do that two years ago.”
Andy Broomhead – Head of Volunteering, Diabetes UK
‘Assemble has also enabled us to begin creating new, more informal volunteering opportunities utilsing easy recruitment and good analytics to track engagement and impact. This is really exciting for us and we hope this will enable a more diverse range of people to volunteer with Sustrans’
Adam Jukes - Volunteer Implementation Lead, Sustrans
“Assemble has had a huge impact on the RSPCA as an organisation and this is largely down to us making use of the full breadth of the software, but if I had to pick a must-have feature, I really couldn't do without the recruitment tools - they are worth their weight in gold! It just makes recruitment so much easier and with a standardised approach across the Society, our Volunteer Coordinators love it too. The simplicity of being able to generate opportunities independently, but with full access to our role profiles and the comfort that nothing will get missed throughout the application process, has been game changing.”
Tina Huntington – Volunteer Coordinator, RSPCA West Hatch
“Since launching Assemble, we have moved volunteering in the RSPCA out of the dark ages and into a modern and bright future.”
John Wilkins - Head of Volunteering & Apprenticeships, RSPCA
“Enabling volunteers to have access to a swift and seamless recruitment process is a big consideration when removing the potential barriers to entry for volunteers. With Assemble we can easily create a volunteer opportunity with all the details in our own tone of voice and share a link straight to the role on our website, where you can apply right away.”
Catherine Rose – Volunteering Manager, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation

Future-proof your volunteer recruitment

Volunteer roles can vary depending on your organisation. Whether you operate with a core team of full-time staff or predominantly volunteers, it’s important to offer the right tools to support and engage them.

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