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Future-proof your volunteer recruitment

Volunteer roles can vary depending on your organisation. Whether you operate with a core team of full-time staff or predominantly volunteers, it’s important to offer the right tools to support and engage them.




Connect - Assemble


Begin the journey – reach out and recruit your volunteers.

Manage - Assemble


Get equipped with the tools to simplify volunteer management.

Retain - Assemble


Successfully engage volunteers and nurture relationships.

Connect with your volunteers



When you’re looking to recruit new volunteers, use Assemble to spread the word.



Accept applications through your website. Our customisable sign-up forms are populated automatically after an opportunity is published - no coding or IT team required.

Applicant portal

Reduce drop-off rates and keep applicants updated as they progress through each stage of their application. It's what's needed to keep things moving along.


Advanced Automations

Nothing slows down a recruitment process like tedious, repetitive tasks. Create triggered automations and notifications for each stage of your recruitment process.

Applicant Pipeline

Your team can see – at a glance – where an applicant is, at any stage in the recruitment process. A snapshot of latest activities lets you see everything you need to know.


— Success Stories

“Since launching Assemble, we have moved
volunteering in the RSPCA out of the dark
ages and into a modern and bright future.”

John Wilkins – Head of Volunteering & Apprenticeships


Say hello to your next volunteer


Custom Workflows

Not every role has the same recruiting requirements. Adjust it so applicants filter straight through to selection or create extra stages that may need a little more screening.

Role Profiles

Acting as a building block for volunteers to be recruited for your organisation - save time and standardise roles with templates that do most of the work for you.

Custom Questions

Create custom questions with our easy drag and drop editor - ensuring you only ask questions that are relevant to an individual opportunity.

Custom Branding

Make a great first impression. We’ll customise all public facing pages to coincide with your guidelines, ensuring your brand shines through in every interaction.

Automated Reference Checks

A questionnaire gets emailed at a stage you select, automatically recording referee responses so you don’t have to.


A trigger will prompt the appropriate person to initiate the disclosure checks process and record the outcome for a clear audit trail.

Manage your volunteers



Access all relevant information and activity from a simple, intuitive interface.



Save hours of scheduling with our intuitive and easy-to-use rota builder. Effortlessly schedule one-off or ongoing shifts with notifications and reminders that keep everyone in the loop.


Measure the impact your volunteers are having with our powerful reports dashboard. Get in-depth, customisable data on anything from volunteer hours to reasons for leaving.


The Hub

Create a central space where everyone can find what they need quickly. Upload documents, images or videos and build a library of resources to share with your team.

Expense claims

Avoid a mountain of receipts - it’s simple for volunteers to submit expenses and just as easy for managers to approve them.


— Success Stories

"For the organisation, all of the risk, data security
and management concerns are completely

Wendy Halley – Project Manager


When CRM and HR software isn't enough



A clear view of everything from unread messages, new volunteer applications, to-do-lists, and recent actions - helping to focus your attention where it’s needed most.


Flexible hierarchy that supports an infinite number and level of teams and locations. Configure Assemble to reflect the structure of your organisation.

Event Management

Whether you’re planning a training session, festival or fun run - track and manage any event from day one to deadline.


Tap into the collective skills of your team and assign tasks to specific volunteers or leave open for your team to pick up at some point in the future.

Search & Filter

Target and utilise specific sets of volunteers who meet your desired criteria - you can filter by skill, location, role, status and more - to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Customise permissions based on what actions users can carry out and control who has access to what data using our granular permissions library.

Retain your volunteers



A smart and highly interactive environment to keep your volunteers engaged.


Interactive map

An engaging and visual overview of volunteer activity in and around a local area. Prompt volunteers to discover surrounding events and volunteers within their community.


Stay in touch with individual or segmented volunteers via email, SMS, internal messaging and forums. Spark discussion, peer-to-peer learning and networking.



Make sharing important organisation information easy, immediate and relevant. Engage with volunteers through integrated news articles and social media content.


Send your appreciation to volunteers for their hard work. Highlight and record achievements with customised virtual trophies, badges and certificates - on the fly or automatically.


— Success Stories

"No ask is too big, or small. They were knowledgeable,
responsive and flexible to help us meet our evolving
(and sometimes undefined) needs.”

Rebecca Burgess – IS Project Manager


Build relationships, not barriers



Empower your volunteers. They can edit their profile, send messages, manage their shifts, sign up to upcoming events and more – anytime, anywhere.


Give volunteers everything they need to get started. With instant access to any resources and induction/training modules for their role.

Volunteer Profile

We'll take everything you need to know about your volunteers – from contact details to roles & responsibilities – and display it in one clear, actionable view.


Log an important interaction you’ve had with a volunteer. Capture any call, meeting or email and go one step further to nurture your relationships.

Skills & Interests

Looking for someone in particular? Whether it’s a language, qualification or certification - collect and harness the additional skills of your volunteers.

Volunteer Hours

Keep track of your teams time and dive into the finer details – capturing the time spent on any shift, event or activity.

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