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Connect - Assemble


Begin the journey – reach out and recruit your volunteers.

Manage - Assemble


Get equipped with the tools to simplify volunteer management.

Retain - Assemble


Successfully engage volunteers and nurture relationships.


Connect with your volunteers



Connect with your volunteers with one powerful solution. Take control from the beginning of the volunteer journey and form lasting first impressions.


Applicant and volunteer portal

Enjoy effortless onboarding and give applicants the ability to track their progress. Successful volunteers can update contact details, availability, skills and qualifications.


Seamlessly create events and volunteer opportunities with role profile templates and calculated risk assessments that automatically link directly to your website/recruitment page.


Automated reference checks

Assemble’s built in referencing tool drastically cuts screening time, allowing you to onboard new volunteers as quickly as possible with a simple, automatic process.

Applicant pipeline

Your team can see – at a glance – where an applicant is, at any time in the process. A snapshot of latest activities lets you see all touchpoints, emails, or notes associated with a given applicant.


Manage your volunteers



Have everything you need, in one place to manage your volunteers. Save time and improve efficiencies with a small administrative change that has a huge positive impact.



Save hours of planning with our intuitive and easy-to-use rota builder. Ensure volunteers stay connected and publish your rotas online so volunteers can login and see their shifts anytime, anywhere.

Measure impact

Seamlessly capture and report KPI’s; measure the ongoing impact your volunteers are having, or how they were involved in a specific event. Search and track performance and easily export reports.


Expense claims

Automate and simplify the expense claim process for both organisation and volunteers. Our clean, intuitive interface means it’s simple for volunteers to submit expenses and just as easy for managers to approve them.

Resources hub

A central hub for resources. Instantly drop files, images & documents into Assemble and share with volunteers. Add descriptions, permissions or “favourite” for future reference. All documents are indexed so searching is a cinch.


Retain your volunteers



A smart, highly interactive environment to keep your volunteers engaged. Sustain long term, valuable relationships.


Interactive map

An engaging and visual representation of volunteer activity in and around a local area. Prompt volunteers to discover surrounding events, donation contributions and fellow volunteers within their community.

Built-in communication

Stay organised and in touch with the integrated email, SMS, internal messaging and forum. Liaise and collaborate more effectively. Spark discussion, peer-to-peer learning and socialising amongst volunteers.



Engage and communicate with volunteers through integrated news articles and social media content. Customise your homepage for different volunteers depending on their interests, ensuring a personalised experience.


Send your appreciation to volunteers for their hard work. Highlight and record achievements with customised virtual trophies, badges and certificates. A valued volunteer is sure to volunteer again.



The list goes on and on…

Empower your team with our Mobile App. Volunteers can edit personal details, send messages, claim expenses, manage their shifts, sign up to upcoming events and more – anytime, anywhere.

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Built for all types of teams and organisations. Not-for-profit or festival? See how Assemble can help you.

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Ideal for organisations that are large or complex. Enterprise gives you greater control, support and flexibility.

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