The ultimate guide to recruitment for small volunteer teams

Whether your charity operates with a core team of full-time staff or relies predominantly on volunteers, recruitment challenges can impact the success of your organisation and the sector as a whole.

With charities’ ongoing efforts to attract the attention of those who haven’t yet discovered the power of volunteering, it can feel like an uphill struggle, even with the resources of a bigger organisation.

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Many charities face significant challenges in growing and engaging their volunteer teams effectively. This guide will break down how volunteer managers with small volunteering teams can effortlessly launch their recruitment campaigns and amplify their impact.

Every organisation differs in its size, setup, funding and resources, so techniques for recruiting and engaging volunteers will vary. Covering everything from the initial strategy to the application form, as well as compliance, this guide will show you how, with the help of specialist software, you can refine your recruitment practices and attract more volunteers now, and far into the future.

“Assemble has been a great benefit for our recruitment process. It allows us to view applications, request references, arrange interviews and communicate with applicants so efficiently that our recruitment has increased as a result.”
Karen O’Brien-Barrett, Volunteer Coordinator