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“It is increasingly difficult for organisations to connect, manage and retain volunteers. With data spread across different silos, inefficient communication, poor document management, and no real overview of volunteers. We built Assemble to answer questions outdated, clumsy software couldn’t.”

Ben Hayes -
Chief Executive Officer, Assemble


Smart and simple

Spread the word, expand your

Assemble lets you simplify and streamline the planning and management of events. Track attendance easily and accurately, with recipients able to accept or reject invitations instantly. You can also seamlessly create volunteer opportunities with our role profile templates and calculated risk assessments that help save time and improve compliance.


Scheduling, solved

Build relationships, not barriers

Save hours of planning with our intuitive and easy-to-use rota builder. Effortlessly schedule one-off or ongoing events and eliminate scheduling conflicts with a visual overview that's in front of you. Ensure volunteers stay connected and publish your rotas online so volunteers can login and see their shifts anytime, anywhere.



Find out what’s going on

Volunteers can benefit from the interactive map - an engaging and visual representation of volunteer activity in and around a local area. Prompt volunteers to discover surrounding events, directions, teams and fellow volunteers. It allows them to stay connected with the organisation and engaged with their community.


Clear, actionable view

Build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your volunteers. Go way beyond names and email addresses – you can see at a glance, all touchpoints, messages, skills and interests associated with a volunteer. No more cluttered spreadsheets, information is relevant and up-to-date which means more data, less manual data entry.



Your feed, your news

Engage and communicate with volunteers through integrated news articles and social media content. Assemble makes sharing important organisation information easy, immediate and relevant. You can customise your homepage for different volunteers depending on their interests and preferences, ensuring a personalised experience.


Reimburse volunteers

Say goodbye to paper receipts

Automate and simplify the expense claim process for both organisations and volunteers. Our powerful expense management feature allows volunteers to claim subsistence, lunch, mileage and more. Everything is logged in a tidy, repeatable process for keeping your expense claims together. Our clean, intuitive interface means it's simple for volunteers to submit expenses and just as easy for managers to approve them.


Automated triggers and features like integrated reference checks accelerate your recruitment process, making vetting applicants fast, inexpensive and easy.

Document Management

A central hub for resources. Instantly drop files, images & documents into Assemble and share with your team and volunteers. Create a space where everyone can find what they need quickly.


Seamlessly capture and report KPI’s and measure the ongoing impact your volunteers are having. Search and track performance and easily export reports in a clean, easy to read format.




Keep everyone connected

Communicate relevant news stories and enable volunteers to interact on-the-go with internal messaging.

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