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The volunteer management solution that provides powerful and flexible tools to manage every aspect of the volunteer journey. Get help with anything from recruitment and compliance, organising and scheduling, through to communication, engagement and retention.


Simple to use

An easy to navigate, intuitive interface which helps break down barriers and simplify communication.

Work together

Set management up for success with effective tools to recruit, schedule, organise and plan.

Measure and improve

Discover the metrics that really matter to help improve engagement and support strategic decisions.

Keep it together

One home, one application

Data doesn’t need to be spread across different applications. Access all relevant information and activity from a single, elegant interface, it’s easy for management to pick up right where someone else left off. With powerful features that handle your recruitment process, document management and communication – managing volunteers has never been easier.

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Help volunteers help themselves

Empower volunteers by giving them the tools to update their profile and edit contact information, skills/interests, personal details and more. Volunteers can also search and view recent volunteering opportunities/events and benefit from easy access to files, guides and documents – accessible anytime, across any device.

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Recruit and Onboard

Control the recruitment process

End-to-end recruiting functionality to help you attract, screen and onboard volunteers. Improve conversion rates and reduce the time volunteers spend between applying for opportunities and being placed within your organisation.

Assemble lets you automate what’s repetitive and create powerful automations to save precious time. Triggers and features like integrated reference checks accelerate this part of the process, making vetting and screening applicants fast, inexpensive and easy.



Make Assemble your own

Assemble is designed to be flexible, because no two organisations are exactly alike. Streamline your workflow and sync volunteer data with our API integration – Assemble works well with third-party products like CRM systems; we sit alongside your existing software.

Assemble also comes equipped with custom administration capabilities that let you control user permissions, create custom workflows and set up extra security measures. Make sure that sensitive organisation data stays in the right hands with our intuitive controls and grant permissions based on what actions users can carry out.

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Come to a better understanding

Seamlessly capture and report KPI’s and measure the ongoing impact your volunteers are having. Using our reports, you can find out where the majority of your recruiting effort is spent. Uncover the bottlenecks in your recruiting pipeline and see where applicants are getting stuck and how you can improve. Users are also able to search and track performance and easily export reports in a clean, easy to read format.

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Assemble Compliance

Your volunteer data is safe and secure with us


Protecting data is as important to us, as it is to you. The regulatory landscape is changing and we built Assemble with that in mind. Legislation like GDPR is putting increasing pressure on organisations, we're here to help put you at ease. As well as being a trusted supplier to government via The Digital Marketplace, Assemble holds an ISO 27001:2013 certification - the international standard for information security.



Discover how Save the Children use Assemble Enterprise to manage their volunteers

With over 13,000 volunteers see how Save the Children use Assemble Enterprise to help streamline their recruitment process, improve volunteer engagement and gain greater insights into their organisation.   Learn more >



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Our guide

Realising the value of a good volunteer management solution is the first step in the right direction.

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Core features

Still tied up with spreadsheets? See how Assemble is built with both management and volunteers in mind.

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Ideal for organisations that are large or complex. Enterprise gives you greater control, support and flexibility.

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