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With the concept of ‘Teams’ now in place and continuous peace of mind about the safety of its data, it provided the RSPCA an opportunity to formalise their volunteer offering. Utilising the comprehensive recruitment functionality Assemble offers, they have stripped away previously manual processes to help ensure consistency and establish new efficiencies.

They now use Role Profiles to seamlessly create new volunteer opportunities that automatically link through to their public website. For The RSPCA, this essentially acts as a building block that includes the advert, details, required skills, benefits and any responsibilities associated with the role. It also lets them determine what information they want to collect from applicants during the sign-up process, any questions they’ll be asked and what recruitment stages they’ll go through. Depending on the role, RSPCA can customise it so applicants filter straight through to clearance or create extra layers for an opportunity that may need a little more screening.



Assigning these Role Profiles to specific teams helps automate the legwork and accelerates their recruitment process. Every new application now filters via Assemble and automatic emails and notifications update the relevant team members responsible. If volunteers are successful with their application they are automatically added to Assemble as part of that team. With best practise baked into the system, RSPCA volunteers can now follow a set onboarding path where they’ll be acquainted with the resources they need to get started and prompted to complete any induction/training modules for their new role.

By establishing new efficiencies, Assemble Enterprise has helped RSPCA streamline operations, which ultimately supports the organisation’s growth and social mission. Anita Clarke – Volunteer Coordinator explains “We have found it so much easier to manage volunteer applications. Volunteers can respond to adverts immediately, reference requests are actioned quickly and all the info is in one place.”


"Assemble has sped up our application process, and takes so much administrative work away from our local coordinators."



The move to Assemble Enterprise has not only provided RSPCA with the opportunity to centralise their volunteering, it has also had a direct impact on the number of animals they have helped to rescue. From increasing collaboration and transparency across the organisation to ensuring a quick and streamlined recruitment process, Assemble has become an instrumental part of scaling the RSPCA operation.

As John Wilkins explains, “Assemble has transformed volunteering in the RSPCA. We now have, for the first time in our history, up to date accurate management information on which to base our business decisions and strategy. Through Assemble, we are able to engage with our volunteers and reward them for their valued contribution to the Society and animal welfare.”

With Assemble continuing to release new features, including the Moodle integration for e-learning, RSPCA continue to improve their volunteer experience and find opportunities for efficiency gains. John sums it up, saying: “Our volunteers and coordinators are at the cutting edge of the RSPCA’s modernisation. Through Assemble, we have given our volunteers a voice, and we are now listening to what they want their Society to be.”