Top 5 tips for your volunteer engagement strategy

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Wendy Halley

We’re approaching that time of year when those new year’s resolutions lead to a surge in volunteer applications. Across the sector, volunteering departments will be sifting through all of these offers of help. But recruiting volunteers is just the start. Keeping them engaged can be more of a challenge. So here are five tips for a great volunteer engagement strategy. …

Q&A: Behind the doors of Abbotsford House with Volunteer Coordinator Karen O’Brien-Barrett 

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Katie Taaffe

As we begin to step into a new post-pandemic phase, there is a sense of hope and optimism in the volunteering community. After several years of uncertain and unpredictable times, it seems what we are craving most of all is “business as usual.” Volunteer teams are firing on all cylinders to get back on track since funding gaps and the …

Volunteer Management Software

How can volunteer management software improve productivity?

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Katie Taaffe

Find out how Assemble can create an engaging workspace for your volunteering teams to collaborate and communicate more easily than ever. Request a demo with one of our Digital Transformation Experts.