Are you using these 8 important features during the pandemic?

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Written by Jessica Baylis

For most, in these completely unprecedented times, the basic human response is to want to help. What was important to us a few weeks ago may seem to pale in significance and with our increased availability we search for ways to support our communities with altruistic togetherness.

For customers using Assemble to manage volunteers, we’re here to help you do so with maximum impact. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the functionality you may look to lean on to provide you support during this challenging time. We understand volunteers may be redirected to new roles temporarily, so if you need additional support on how best to do this or input on how our features might be able to support your changing needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

1. Mobile App

For a fast route to connect with teams, ensure they have the Assemble App downloaded on a mobile device. As well as containing all the regular features for a volunteer, it will help teams stay connected on-the-go. Internal Messages between users will also trigger a push notification.

2. Self isolation

This is the newest addition to Assemble. A feature that allows users to identify themselves as self-isolating. This information, along with the ability to mark specific dates can be accessed in your personal profile.

3. Filtering 

Whatever your immediate need from a volunteer, be it a driver, first aider, someone within a specific location, use Assemble to target specific sets of volunteers who meet your desired criteria – you can filter by skill, location, role, status and more.

4. The Hub

The hub is a central space for file management where everyone can find what they need quickly. For example, emergency response guidelines or training videos can be uploaded into Assemble to share with your team and volunteers. Not only is this good practice, any key communications or instructions and can be easily updated with new versions.

5. Automatic Hours

Automatically capture your volunteer hours. Any shift or event carried out on Assemble will be recorded against a volunteer profile and will be captured for reporting purposes. Solid data like this will be incredibly useful to measure impact. 

6. News 

In times of partial or complete isolation, engagement is key. Ensure your volunteers are kept up to date and engaged with regular organisation-specific or relevant news. Engage with volunteers on the things that matter most and put any of your key news and announcements or messages of positivity front and centre. 

7. Directory

If switched on, the directory enables volunteers to find one another by team, skills or interests, allowing volunteers to connect directly. The activity map pinpoints an approximate location of other volunteers within a 20 mile radius. These features provide an opportunity to keep volunteers within a location / community engaged and could help encourage collaboration if needed.

8. Tasks

With volunteer availability listed using ‘On/Off Call’ you can quickly identify who’s available to lend a helping hand. Tap into the collective skills of your team and assign tasks to specific volunteers or leave open for someone to pick up. 

Feel free to get in touch if we can help in any way or you have a specific request.

Assemble Team