Future-proof your volunteer recruitment

Volunteer roles can vary depending on your organisation. Whether you operate with a core team of full-time staff or predominantly volunteers, it’s important to offer the right tools to support and engage them.

Perhaps most importantly, is offering a positive and consistent volunteer experience. From the application stage onwards, this brings benefits to both volunteers and the organisation itself – ensuring they are connecting with the right applicants, while improving organisational efficiencies.

Download guide

Download the guide

This new guide will show you how you can refine your recruitment practices and attract more volunteers now, and far into the future; including initial strategy, application form recommendations, compliance and more.

With a foreword from Ben Hughes, a specialist in volunteer management for over a decade for charities such as Make-A-Wish UK and Barnardo’s, this guide is full of helpful information to enhance your volunteer experience. 


— Success Stories

“Since launching Assemble, we have moved volunteering in the RSPCA out of the dark ages and into a modern and bright future.”

John Wilkins – Head of Volunteering & Apprenticeships