Health & Safety Policy


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Last modified: September 1, 2019


The Directors and senior leadership team of Assemble accept their responsibility in providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors and visitors to our offices. All reasonable steps will be taken to fulfil these responsibilities within the framework of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, Guidance, etc made under this legislation. To this end, David Davies will have strategic oversight of the Assemble’s Health and Safety Organisation and Arrangements on its behalf whilst each Director and member of the senior leadership team is expected to reinforce our message on Health and Safety.

This is achieved by:

. assessing and controlling risk as part of the day-to-day management of the business.

. providing and maintaining safe, healthy and secure working conditions, training and instruction so that personnel are able to perform their various tasks safely and efficiently;

. ensuring that a constant awareness with regard to health and safety at work is maintained in respect of all activities within our premises and onsite.

. periodic review of the Health & Safety Policy as our activities and the associated risks change.

All personnel employed within Assemble have a legal obligation and duty of care to co-operate in the operation of this policy by not interfering with or misusing equipment that has been provided in the interests of health and safety. All employees have a corresponding obligation to co-operate and comply with this policy so far as is reasonably practicable by:

Complying with safety procedures, whether written or brought to their attention by other means for their own protection, protection of those under their supervision and others who may be affected by their actions;

. reporting any incident that has led, or could have led, to damage or injury.

. assisting in any investigation with regard to accidents, dangerous occurrences or near-misses


This policy outlines the framework and procedures for an active policy of Health and Safety at Assemble. All employees should familiarise themselves with the content of this policy and the accompanying guidelines and procedures. All new employees should participate in the onboarding programme specific to their role. All employees should use every opportunity to raise awareness of good Health and Safety practices.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Health & Safety Policy are to:

. Promote high standards of safety, health and welfare in compliance with The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act. 1974, other statutory instruments and approved codes of practice;

. ensure that places and methods of work are safe and healthy through related safety procedures referenced in this document and other procedures that are adopted from time to time as appropriate to changing circumstances;

. protect personnel, whether they be employees, visitors, or contractors from any foreseeable hazards;

. provide adequate relevant training, instruction, supervision and information to all employees in order that they may work in safety insofar as is reasonable and practicable;

. ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel and that there are sufficient facilities and arrangements for their welfare;

. all personnel are responsible for the raising of awareness with regards to aspects of safety;

. ensure personnel are aware of their responsibility to take any steps necessary in order that the health and safety of both themselves and others may be safeguarded, and to co-operate in all aspects with regard to safety.


The safety arrangements set out below are for the information, guidance and compliance of all personnel in Assemble offices. In carrying out their normal functions, it is the duty of all employees to do everything reasonably practicable to prevent injury to individuals and themselves. This will be achieved by complying with arrangements and procedures developed arising from risk assessments. All personnel have a statutory duty to co-operate in fulfilling the objectives of Assemble and a personal responsibility to take reasonable care to ensure that their actions do not cause injury to themselves and to others.

Employees are required to observe special rules and safe systems of work that apply to their own work and to report hazards discovered by them to their Line Manager.

No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.

Line Managers know the emergency evacuation and first aid procedures for their location and will inform employees of such procedures along with locations of First Aid kit and AED if available at their location during their onboarding.

. Give clear instructions and warning when applicable.

. Highlight safety issues to their senior management.


The safety arrangements set out below are for the information, guidance and compliance of all personnel.


Always use designated walkways and routes of access. Do not use short cuts; they can result in serious accidents. Cars and pedestrians will be kept separate.


Slips, trips and falls are some of the largest cause of accidents. Tidiness, cleanliness and efficiency are essential factors in the promotion of health and safety. Accidents can be prevented by following the guidelines listed below.

. Keep corridors and passageways unobstructed.

. Ensure shelves in storerooms are stacked neatly and not overloaded.

. Keep floors clean.

. Do not obstruct emergency exits.


Hard wire electrical testing is carried out by an approved contractor every 5 years as per the statutory guidelines. All portable or moveable electrical equipment has a British Standard Kite Mark and is tested annually (Portable Appliance Testing - PAT) by a competent person. Any items failing the test are disposed of immediately. Employees should regularly inspect any cables and plugs they use for visual damage such as damaged insulation on laptop chargers or damage to plugs.

Employees must report any issues with electrical equipment immediately to their line manager and stop using the equipment immediately.


Personnel are not to lift, drag, push or carry heavy or awkward loads unless training has been undertaken and risk assessments completed by a competent person.


Working at height is defined as any activity where a person is at risk of falling. This includes working at ground level, above or below. All activities that require working at height must be risk assessed prior to the activity by a competent person. Assemble employees are not permitted to work at height.


Smoking is not permitted within Assemble offices.


The term “electronic cigarette” is a generic term many, but not all, are in the form of thin white tubes that look like cigarettes. Some electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, some do not. Some produce a white odourless vapour others produce no vapour at all. They do not burn tobacco and do not create smoke (products of combustion). The use of Nicotine containing products are strictly forbidden within Assembles offices.

David Davies

Director, Assemble