Anti-Bribery, corruption and anti-competitive practices


The Assemble service is wholly owned and operated by DutySheet Ltd.

Last modified: November 1, 2018

Assemble adopts a zero tolerance approach towards bribery, fraud and corruption and is committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct and integrity in business activities.

We require our employees and suppliers to:

• refrain from and prevent any and all forms of corruption, extortion and bribery in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010. More information on the act can be found here:

• apply this policy to all employees and directors and to temporary workers, consultants, contractors, agents and subsidiaries acting for and on behalf of our suppliers;

• understand that it is the responsibility of all employees and associated persons to assist in the prevention, detection and reporting of bribery, corruption and or fraud

• ensure all employees are aware of who to report and any concerns they may have, and encourage them to do so

• ensure new business is procured in a responsible manner

• ensure employees make the relevant person aware of any conflict of interest they may or suspect they may have

• not partake in any anti-competitive practices, including colluding with peers, suppliers or any other parties with the aim of influencing pricing, bid rigging, participating in or being involved with a cartel, or any other practice which is intended to or which has the effect of reducing free competition in any market place.