Tasks & Activities


    Task Management

    With teams scattered, cluttered inboxes, and deadlines likely approaching, it’s difficult to keep tasks on track. Successfully managing those tasks is even harder with data spread across too many tools. Taking the volunteer journey one step further; Tasks and Activities lets you create, organise, and manage tasks from beginning to end – helping you get the most out of your team.

    From setting priorities to assigning tasks and tracking volunteer hours, make sure you stay in control. Tasks helps teams know who’s doing what, by when, and why. Need help at a collection point or require a driver to pick someone up or drop something off? Assemble has you covered, keeping your team moving forward with one central tool.




    Effectively manage your tasks by keeping track of the things you own, need to get done, or want to remember. Assign to specific volunteers who have made themselves available or leave open for your team to pick up at some point in the future. Whether it’s drivers, speakers or first aiders; tap into the collective skills of your team.

    Create task

    Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a member of your team. When more detail is necessary - filter specific roles, attach files, include due dates, or priority levels making sure every task gets completed on time.


    At a glance - get an overview of your tasks, see whats on track and what needs attention. Looking for a little more insight? Click and reveal the tasks summary and see how it's progressing.




    Volunteers can record any relevant activities associated with a task. Spent an hour creating slides for a speaker presentation? Let the team know! Dive into the details and find out what really goes into tasks, tracking the time spent at each stage.

    See the big picture

    Keep tasks on track as things change with reminders, to-do lists and availability. Quickly identify any issues with who’s busy, and who’s not, this week — or next month.

    Everyone accountable

    Responsibilities and deadlines are clear. Volunteers can easily spot where they're needed and when with the calendar view. When tasks are updated or action is needed, notifications provide a friendly nudge in the right direction.

    Measure Impact

    Use custom outcomes to track the information that’s most important to your team. After tasks and activities are completed, volunteers can record anything from the number of event attendees, donation collections or volunteer hours.

    More Features

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    GDPR Guidance

    Get to grips with the GDPR, our approach to compliance and any platform features that help facilitate with this.

    Assemble Enterprise

    Enterprise gives you greater control, support and flexibility, ideal for organisations that are large or complex.