Event Management

Empower your team with one central tool for
managing any event - track and manage everything
from day one to deadline.



“The significant moment for us was when we were able to manage our Virgin London Marathon volunteers. With its intuitive interface, managers easily adopted the system to recruit volunteers and schedule their shifts within the first few weeks of use.”

Wendy Halley - Volunteering Programme Manager


Stay on top of every event

Access all relevant information and activity from a simple, intuitive interface. With instant access to the data and tools that keeps your team moving forward – everything you need, now lives here.

Popular Features

  • Recruitment
  • Scheduling
  • Tasks

Any event experience

Whether you’re planning a training session, festival or fun run, everything you need is right here - no matter how large or small.



Creating events in Assemble is easy

A step-by-step process that starts with the event name and description, date and time, location and number of attendees needed. Drag and drop any attachments to provide a bit of background and help bring the event to life!

Invite Attendees

Spread the word, expand your reach

Leave open for anyone or invite specific teams, individuals or roles to an event. Choose to send out invites and RSVPs by email or SMS with recipients able to accept or reject invitations instantly. Looking for someone special? Search and filter based on information like skills, location and qualifications.



Manage Attendance

With Assemble it's easy to track the moving parts. A real-time overview helps you keep abreast of everyone attending your events.


Scheduling, solved

Get the right people to the right place and on time – every time. Effortlessly schedule shifts with a rota and calendar that keeps everyone connected.

Task management

Never miss a deadline. Keep things on track with reminders, to-do lists and tasks. Create one for yourself or assign to a member of your team.

Record and measure

Capture event data and measure what really happened. Track and report on anything from the number of attendees to donation collections.


Anytime, anywhere

Take the stress out of event planning

No matter how large or small, plan effectively. Engage with
your team and attendees with something that very rarely
leaves their side.



As your events grow, so will your team

Need help recruiting for a new event? Create, publish and track opportunities with Assemble - no IT team or coding required.


  • Opportunity creation

  • Your branding

  • Embed sign-up forms

  • Custom questions

  • Applicant portal

  • Data capture


Take the bird's eye view

Any information collected from your sign-up forms automatically feeds into Assemble - no need for manual input. It’s here you can track, manage and organise your applicants to make better decisions with your team. Notifications and alerts helps keep everyone up to date and on the same page.



Assemble Compliance

Your data is safe and secure with us


Protecting data is as important to us, as it is to you. The regulatory landscape is changing and we built Assemble with that in mind. Legislation like GDPR is putting increasing pressure on organisations, we're here to help put you at ease.



Still tied up with spreadsheets?

More features at a glance.


File management

Drop important files, images & documents into Assemble and share with your team and volunteers.

Record hours

Keep track of your teams time and dive into the details - recording the time spent on any activity.


Stay organised and in touch with the integrated email, SMS, internal messaging and news articles.


Tools that help identify, annonymise, delete or export the personal data you collect across your organisation.

Expense claims

Avoid a mountain of receipts - it’s simple for volunteers to submit expenses & just as easy for managers to approve them.

User permissions

Grant permissions based on what actions users can carry out and control who has access to what data.



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