How to keep volunteers engaged

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Katie Taaffe

According to the UK Civil Society Almanac, 64-75 year olds represent 42% of those volunteering for charities and also those that are most likely to volunteer frequently. Right now, with the government’s new social distancing measures in place, many of those will fall into the ‘vulnerable’ category, finding themselves not only unable to volunteer, but to step foot outside their …

Are you using these 8 important features during the pandemic?

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Jessica Baylis

For most, in these completely unprecedented times, the basic human response is to want to help. What was important to us a few weeks ago may seem to pale in significance and with our increased availability we search for ways to support our communities with altruistic togetherness. For customers using Assemble to manage volunteers, we’re here to help you do …

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from Assemble


Katie Taaffe

We continue to closely monitor and process the unfolding news around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its unprecedented impact across the globe. While the landscape appears uncertain, we remain focused on delivering the highest level of service and support to our customers along with the health and wellbeing of our teams. Assemble has taken measures to protect our teams and adapt operations …

What 5 features should a volunteer management system have?

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Katie Taaffe

Over the past few years, Assemble’s volunteer management software has been adopted by many of the UK’s largest charities, who are currently putting its many features to work. Our continual development with our not-for-profit customers, as well as a long history with the UK’s Police Forces (via our older sibling DutySheet), has enabled us to truly understand what both Volunteer …

Volunteer recruitment; how to increase volunteer applications

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Katie Taaffe

Any Volunteer Manager will tell you, it’s no mean feat to recruit volunteers – whatever the size, scale or budget of your organisation. There are so many variables in play, especially when it comes to people who are fitting a volunteering role in to an already busy schedule. These can range from the circumstances, availability or commitment of the volunteer …