About us


Our story

Assemble began with a simple idea: to help organisations successfully connect, manage and retain volunteers. The Assemble philosophy focuses on bringing people and process together with one powerful solution. Our aim is to assist with every aspect of the volunteer journey and we wanted to do it with software that was nice to look at and easy to use.

Whilst Assemble is relatively new, its creators are not. Our well-established parent company DutySheet is responsible for successfully establishing the first SaaS solution that helps 100% of England and Wales Police Forces manage their volunteers. We wanted to take the next step – our vision was to create a simple, intuitive solution with enough flexibility for any organisation.

What we value

We create solutions that are easy to use and built on trust. With a proven history and company ethos centred around the importance of security, it’s at the core of everything we do. Our platform hosts a powerful set of features that is integral to volunteer management; but underneath it all, is a commitment to making sure data remains secure and private.